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— Welcome to P.E. OHalloran Inc. —

P.E. O'Halloran Inc is a Maine trucking company offering heavy cargo and oversize load mobilization throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.We create transportation solutions for each and every heavy haul challenge, and oversize mobilization tasks presented to us.

P.E. O’Halloran Inc was started in 1969 by Paul E. O’Halloran with few resources and truck loads of determination. Today that determination is alive and well in everything we do, from mobilizing heavy cargo within Maine to a high priority oversize load across North America. You can expect us to accept any heavy haul challenge, create solutions, and deliver excellence on each occasion.

We have an extensive line up of multi-axle Kenworth tractors, multi-axle Talbert trailers, and experienced professional people to mobilize your cargo in an effective manner. If you’ve seen clean Kenworth tractors and clean Talbert trailers with professional operators on the highway, it is possible you’ve seen P.E. O’Halloran Inc at work mobilizing oversize cargo.

“May the truck of the Irish be with you”